About Juniper Consulting Associates

Our approach is to assemble a team that is tailored to client needs for each and every engagement. Juniper Consulting is proud to work with the following experienced and qualified professionals:

Karen Strange, Moving Forward Consulting 

Moving Forward Consulting specializes in facilitation, partner relations and stakeholder engagement (government and NGO), evaluation, strategic planning, knowledge translation and exchange, project management, teaching and writing.

Michelle Naimi Consulting

M.A. Naimi Consulting works collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to develop evaluations based on each program’s unique context to tell the story of the program’s successes, lessons learned, opportunities for improvement, and next steps. 

Camman Evaluation

Camman Evaluation works with people who are invested in social change to support them in looking and learning deeply about what they do, to better understand the kind of change they’re creating and how, and to embody that learning in their practices and organizations.

Penny Cooper & Associates

Penny Cooper & Associates is a specialist evaluation and social research consultancy that is active in the areas of health, education and human services. Penny provides services to not-for-profit, government and university clients, as well as to other evaluation and research consultancies.

Jeanne Legare Associates

Jeanne Legare Associates offers professional research, planning and evaluation services with a particular focus in health care. Jeanne believes that organizations and programs thrive when managers have the tools and processes in place to understand and respond to their environments, their customers and their opportunities.

Christa Hoy

Christa Hoy is a skilled evaluator and program manager with experience working on diverse evaluations in non-profit and academic settings. She is experienced in leading the development of evaluation frameworks using participatory approaches. Christa takes pride in creatively communicating evaluation findings and has a demonstrated ability to engage with stakeholders at multiple levels, manage partner relationships and facilitate dialogue.

Childhood Healthy Weights Intervention Initiative Evaluation Project Team