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 Juniper Consulting provides a range of strategic and practical services including program evaluation, project management, stakeholder engagement, program reviews, relationship-building strategies, facilitation and performance measurement.

Does your organization…

  • Seek stakeholder engagement to inform policy or decision-making?
  • Wish to assess whether the way things were done in the past will continue to meet future needs?
  • Need help connecting the dots to see the big picture? 
  • Wish to gain insights to find a path forward?
  • Need help developing frameworks and prototypes and then evaluating whether they worked?

Contact Joy Weismiller at Juniper Consulting to discuss how we can help.

     I am in awe of the magnitude of work and accomplishment that you and your team have delivered. It is an awesome report … It was a pleasure and privilege to work with you on this”.

~ Hilistis Pauline Waterfall, OBC, former Chair, Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association (IAHLA)

Previous Clients Include: